About BeHive
BeHive is a state-of-the-art mobile app solution developed to make work-process of teams faster, better coordinated and productive. This all in one push-to-talk application is a unique tool for coordinating employees, bringing them together in task based chat-groups, simplifying labor processes and task reporting.

Press and chat with your preferred group or person with this powerful communication feature.

Awesome Features


Task Management


Workspace Communication

User Management

Business Integration

Workspace Communication

Voice Messages

Never again miss a conversation or team
discussion. Playback voice messages whenever you wish.


Use push-to-talk button and take advantage
of live communication with your team members.

Text and Photo Messages

Fuel your private or group discussions with rich data,
such as images and audios.
User Management
With BeHive you can assign each employee a specific role.
You can better organize your corporate contacts.
Never lose a business contact anymore, as all your team contacts
are stored in the application.

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